Many of the things that seem impossible now will become realities tomorrow.

Walt Disney


Knowledge Sharing

As educators, we committed to the value of learning and development. We want to share our knowledge with you whichever way you need. RendleLabs will teach you what you need to know through  

Future Focused

It can be hard to make the transition to a new idea or way of working but we believe only through adapting and evolving can we grow successfully. RendleLabs is committed to helping you find the right path whether the steps are large or small.

Creative Problem Solvers

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Mark Rendle

Mark Rendle

.NET Core Consultant and Trainer

Mark’s career in software design and development spans three decades and more programming languages than he can remember. Perhaps more importantly, Mark is one of the only Microsoft MVPs who is also a Docker Captain (but we try not to let him get to big-headed). This means there isn’t anyone better to guide you through the important transition from .NET to ASP.NET Core. In a former life Mark was also a pretty good stand-up Comedian and was a regular at various Comedy venues including the Comedy Store, and Comedy Cafe. So, he is an excellent choice for Speaking Engagements both large and small where he combines his wit and technical wisdom with the consummate skill of someone who used to entertain drunken hens and stags at Jongleurs on a Saturday night.

Miranda Rendle

Miranda Rendle

Strategy and Digital Marketing Director

Miranda is the real brains of the operation. In the final stages of her MBA, Miranda is interested in Business Strategy and specifically how Digital and Content Marketing can deliver growth for any organisation small or large. In her last life she worked in Central Government and was a Senior Civil Servant in both the Business and Education Departments of State in a career lasting nearly 20 years. 

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